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  The Houses
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Birth Chart


HOUSE 1 — Your self, your appearance, your goals, your image, your courage, your impatience, the type and level of your energy. Any new beginning, project or idea.

HOUSE 2 — Your money & what you will do to get it. Your values and your relationship with the material realm. Your 5 senses. Your approach to food and comfort, practicality and conservativism.

HOUSE 3 — How you communicate, think, speak and share information. Teaching, writing, blogging. Close friends, siblings, small Informal groups. Local issues and local travel.

HOUSE 4 — Home, family, mother, women, parents and parenting. Your needs for or experiences of emotional expression, Emotional intimacy, nurturing and affection. Your intuition. Your living space and the people in it. Real estate.

HOUSE 5 — Love of all kinds and the heart, romance. Children or your child within. Creative expression, art, fun, parties, stress relief.

HOUSE 6 — Health. Work efficiency, work organization and work relationships. Finding value in life thru service. Analyzing, evaluating and noticing details. Critical and discriminating awareness.

HOUSE 7 — The tone of our experiences in any one to one relationship. Business, friendship or love. How we share and cooperate. The qualities and characteristics of the partners we gravitate toward. Counselling. Marriage.

HOUSE 8 — How the values, money, and material Items of others affect us. Shared resources or the sharing of anything tangible. Your stuff, your body, your space. Sex and sex partners. Stocks, bonds, loans, contracts, etc. The transformation of letting go.

HOUSE 9 — Larger issues i.e. "What is the meaning of life". Philosophy, religion, laws of the universe, higher education, legal matters, medical institutions. Travel, people of other cultural upbringings. Confidence, expansion, advertising.

HOUSE 10 — How you are seen handling your responsibilities in your life and in your career. The name and type of your career. The qualities and characteristics best used in your career. Your maturity and self discipline. Your social status.

HOUSE 11 — Friends in large formal groups. Where and how you are different, liberal and tolerant or should be. Technology, new ideas and inventions. Surprises. Community involvements.

HOUSE 12 — Spirit and soul work. Meditation, higher self, ESP, altered states, astral plane, visualization and channelling. Alone time away from mainstream society.


The HOUSES in an Astrological Birth Chart represent different areas of activity in one's life, and the issues and people involved with those areas.

FULL HOUSES contain one or more planets located within the house boundaries. The Planets represent types of energy expression. Attention, interest and energy are naturally directed toward Full Houses.

EMPTY HOUSES means that no Planets are in that House. This is quite common, yet that area of activity still remains a part of your life. Not as much natural attention, interest or energy is focused towards Empty Houses.

An easy way to understand your chart is to look at each House in your chart, starting with House #1, then moving in a counter clockwise direction. Read every House using the formula below to understand your relationships, experiences, and expressions in each area of your life (House).

To interpret your own Birth Chart's Houses:

First, look at the description of each HOUSE (see chart to the left) to understand its characteristics. Then pick the House that you are interested in knowing more about.

Next, look at the SYMBOL at the beginning of the House you've chosen in your chart. Refer to the ASTROLOGY GUIDE (click here to view - this will open in a seperate window) and look under the SYMBOL column for the Symbol and read it's characteristics. Combining the characteristics of the Symbol with the characteristics of the House you've chosen will give you a more complete picture of your experiences in this area in your life.

If Planets are present in a House, you must add the Issues of that Planet to the mix of House and Sign issues. The Sign the Planet is in will show how it's planetary issues will be handled/manifested. The House will show where and with whom the issues of the Planets will be experienced.

If your House is EMPTY, the Sign that falls on the beginning of the House, and the issues of the House itself are combined to get the total picture of the types of issues and people that you will experience in this area of your life.


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