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So many of my clients ask me “How can I learn more about Astrology?” that I decided to make my websIte a tutorial for Astrology.

To begin, you need your BIRTH CHART or any Western Astrology Natal Chart.

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Notice that your Birth Chart is in a circle, and partitioned into 12 sections. These sections are called HOUSES.

In Astrology, there are 3 places where each energy repeats. These three places are the Sign, Planet, and the House. The Planet represents the issue in question, the Sign is how we will handle the issue, the House is where in your life it is expressed and the people involved.

I have put together an "ASTROLOGY GUIDE" with each of the 12 lines or categories showing the similar Signs, Planets and Houses. In every instance, these 3 must be blended to get a complete picture of the full expression of the issue.

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PLANET Examples

Here are some examples of how to blend your Signs, Planets and Houses:

Example #1

I have the planet Sun (Q) in the sign of Gemini (C) in House 10. The issue is the Sun, which represents self definition, creative expression, love and fun. The Sign Gemini likes to teach, write, and share information and House 10 represents your Career. My creativity (Sun) shines best in my 10th House (Career) when I get to talk, teach, write, and share information (Gemini). I love (sun) my job (10th House) and the people I work with (10th House).

Example #2

I have the planet Venus (T) in the sign of Cancer (D) in House 11. The issue is Venus, and Venus is relationships and balance! My Venus planet in the Sign of Cancer expresses and needs affection and emotional support. The planet Venus in House 11 likes friends to be new age, different, loves to see friends in groups and can see friends as extended family.

Venus is also your money. With my Venus in House 11, money/work could come through groups and friends. Or clients could become friends. And I could make money in an unusual way. The 11th House rules Astrology, the occult sciences, technology and cutting edge ideas, inventions and group/community involvement.




First, I look in the House column (in the Astro/Tarot Guide) for House #1, represented by ARIES, and read the characteristics of that House.

Then I look at the Symbol between the numbers at the beginning (cusp) of the 1st House. Then I look in the Symbol column and read the characteristics of that symbol.

My symbol represents VIRGO characteristics. These are the characteristics that are seen by others, since my ASCENDANT represents my appearance, my body, and personal expression.

VIRGO qualities represent how I define my goals, and express my anger, impatience, and impulsiveness.

The Sign on the Ascendant is a representation of my health, energy type and level. For me, that's VIRGO.

I have the Planet NEPTUNE on my ascendant. Neptune there adds another group of characteristics that will also be present in all of the different qualities of the Ascendant.

So I look for NEPTUNE in the Planet column of the Astrology Guide and blend those traits with the VIRGO traits.




Since my NORTH NODE is in the Sign of SCORPIO, I read the SCORPIO column (in the Astrology Guide) and I see the SCORPIO issues I will be dealing with. But in my own way, as a SUN in GEMINI, teaching, writing, and sharing information about SCORPIO things are beneficial to me. This GEMINI focus is compounded, the GEMINI tendancies enlarged, since my NORTH NODE is in the 3rd House, which is ruled by GEMINI and therefore has GEMINI characteristics.

SCORPIO is deep, hidden, and profound. GEMINI is light, superficial, and friendly. Finding a way to use these characteristics of SCORPIO and GEMINI together, to communicate and share information with others about deeper emotional issues, would fulfill the needs of my NORTH NODE in SCORPIO in the 3rd House.

Remember a combination of integrating the qualities and a mastering of the issues of your ASCENDANT and your NORTH NODE, will bring you your greatest inner harmony, fulfillment, and self respect. They are your future.



My SOUTH NODE is in TAURUS in the 9th House. TAURUS rules my money, my job, my values, my material things, and my concept of good food and comfortable surroundings. Taurus by nature is fixed and inflexible. Doesn't like and strongly resists change. Taurus can be ultra conservative.

Taurus has many other highly developed positive qualities, but the SOUTH NODE seems to focus on the problematic ones. The SOUTH NODE in Taurus can put too much focus on the material plane, be slow to accept change.


ASPECT Examples

Example #1

The planets involved in this aspect are together in the sky at the time of my birth.

My planet, the Sun (Q), is conjunct my planet, Mars (o). These two being so close together or in the same sign, combine their qualities and expressions. These qualities and expressions are defined by the Sign and House of these Planets in my chart. In this case the sign Gemini and the 10th House.

The Sun in Gemini shines best in a communication medium. With Mars, the planet of goals, energy, and drive conjunct my Sun there is lots of energy for Gemini expressions, talking, writing, teaching, sharing information, in my 10th House of Career. I could be smart and flexible there (Gemini) and have fun and be creative (Sun) in my career (10th House) and have a strong drive to work (Mars in 10).


Example #2

The planets involved in this aspect are 3 Signs apart or 3 Houses apart.

My planet Saturn (W), is squared my planet Venus (T). My Saturn qualities, needs and expressions are at odds with my Venus qualities, needs and expressions. My needs to be a loner (Saturn) are at odds with my needs for relationships (Venus). That and other challenges (Saturn) may arise in the areas of my partners and my money (Venus). Squares never make it easy. Maturity can be gained in a square, but only thru change and effort.

The Houses involved in this aspect - SQUARE - (3 signs apart) are:

Saturn in the 8th and Venus in the 11th. The 8th being sex and other peoples money and values. Mistakes made in past incarnations, in any of those areas, will be due for balancing here. (Saturn). Challenges (Saturn) arise in friendships (House 11) and sexual relationships (House 8). Investments and money from others (House 8) are challenging (Saturn). If you get anything there, with Saturn in 8, you will have worked hard or endured much for it.

The Signs involved with this Aspect are:

Venus in Cancer and Saturn in Aries. The signs Cancer and Aries are always squared as they are 3 signs apart.

Both women (Venus) and men (Aries) are involved, as well as friends (House 11) and family (Cancer sign) and both Venus (harmony) and even some aggression (Aries) can be involved in this square.


Example #3

TRINE Aspect
The planets involved in this aspect are 4 Signs or 4 Houses apart.

My Moon (R), in the sign of Leo (E) in House 12, is trine my Saturn in Aries in House 8.  A Trine is a compatible combination of qualities and attributes. In this case Saturn (career and maturity) and Moon (emotions and intuition). My Saturn works well in a transformative counseling medium (8th House) where I could have new and interesting ideas. (in the sign of Aries). My Moon (intuition) works well in a psychic or spiritual medium (12th House) with a creative flow of insights (in sign of Leo). Intuition and ESP (Moon in 12th House) could flow easily (Trine) into my counseling career (Saturn in 8th House).



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